Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wow, where did the month go? We have been very busy in room 215. Take a look at what we have done throughout the month!

Here are a few pictures of some math games that we have played!

We love reading poetry! Students are introduced to a new poem every Monday. Throughout the week we will read and or sing our new poem. We look for sight words, rhyming words, and our hunks and chunks. On Fridays we have "Open Mic Friday"! Students sign up to sing/read the poem using a karaoke machine. Students LOVE reading using a microphone! Students also receive a copy of the poem to put in their poetry binders on Friday. Students have time to find and highlight their sight words in the poem. After highlighting sight words students read their poems with their classmates.

 Every other Friday we meet with our 4th grade reading buddies. Last week we worked hard on scarecrows. Students also completed a profile based off of their scarecrows! We always have a great time meeting with our fourth grade friends!

October is fire safety month! We spent a week talking about fire safety. Mr. Peng, a Miami Township firefighter also came in to talk to our class about the importance of fire safety. Thank you Mr. Peng!
We completed our pattern book unit with a writers celebration! Students were very proud to share their books with their classmates.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcome to room 215!

We are now 20 days into our school year and we are having a blast in room 215! We have adjusted to a full day of school very nicely. We have made new friends, experienced (and are loving) going to specials each day and we have even conquered our fear of eating lunch at school!

We have been very busy learning our classroom routines and expectations. We have also shown what it looks and sounds like to read independently, explored Math tools, learned a variety of new Math games, and so much more!
Here are a few photos I have taken throughout the last four weeks:
Creating classroom rules:
Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect our Environment
Writing Workshop:
We made spacers to help us remember to add spaces between our words!
To launch writing workshop I read the story "Library Mouse". After reading the story I asked the class if they would like to meet an author. Of course they replied with a big "YES!!".  I then invited each student to Meet the Author. At the bottom of the box was a mirror. As each child looked into the box they saw themselves. They quickly realized that they were now authors!